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 I am a computer software consultant specializing in customized software applications for businesses.  My current client base (located in Southeastern Michigan) consists of businesses in manufacturing, engineering, laboratory, and titanium recycling.  I write programs for their accounting, inventory control, production, and work flow management systems.  Most of my clients are using networked workstations with operating system Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT.  Server operating systems are either Novell or WinNT.

I specialize in writing code in Microsoft Access, and have utilized Merant's Data Direct ODBC software to connect to and enhance various database applications (Progress ver 8.3a running MFG/PRO GUI ver 8.6e from QAD, DacEasy Btreive tables, or Paradox ver 4.1).  The customizations (which I wrote in MS Access 97) for my client that purchased QAD's manufacturing package have:

I have had several years experience programming in BBX (a Basic programing language), working with spreadsheets and with Open Systems Accounting Software.  Also, I have been quite involved with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and know and understand ANSI X.12 transaction sets 830, 856, 862, and 997.

Greg Richards
Computer Software Consultant

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Revised: December 1, 1999